Tashi Delek!


In the post 1959 period, the Tibetan people have spread throughout the world, initially forcefully on account of the Chinese onslaught into Tibet. Today, many Tibetans are resettling in different parts of the world in search of a better career. Wherever they may be and whatever new national identity they have assumed, Tibetans continue to be closely involved with issues affecting the Tibetan nation and people.

More importantly, as Tibetans are exposed to different culture and lifestyle, it is posing a challenge to the continuation of the Tibetan identity. How important is it being Tibetan in today’s world, whether it is in Tibet, the United States or in India or in Europe? What is Tibetan identity? Is there a form and substance to it? What can be done to further the Tibetan cause and to be Tibetan while adapting to the changes in our social situation. These are issues on which Tibetans have been thinking over.  However, there is a distinct lack of accessible information to the new generation of Tibetans on matters relating to themselves. This has been a weakness of our society. People do not get enough information to make a considered decision, whether it is the upbringing of their children, or election of Tibetan representatives or organising community activities.

In my own way I have tried to share my thoughts on matters relating to the Tibetan people in different media outlets. I am providing them here so that you, too, can take a look and understand the Tibetan people better.

Bhuchung K. Tsering


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  1. Bhuchung lak,

    This is to inform you that we have listed your informative blog – Tibet’s Blog (http://tibetreport.wordpress.com/) on TibetSites.com under following two categories ‘Blogs’ and ‘Independent Tibet Info Sites’. The blog is listed at following URLs: http://tibetsites.com/Tibetan_Blogs.htm and at: http://tibetsites.com/Tibet_info.htm

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    With regards

    Tenzin Sonam

  2. Hi Bhuchung la

    Its really really good job. I appreciated what you mean to say. I am one of them.
    Thanks sontse..

  3. Tashi Delek Bhuchung la,

    I came across your name and eventually your blog after conducting research on Tibetan Identity in Exile for the last month.
    I am a college student in California and for my senior thesis I will be writing on the Identity of Tibetan Exiles living in L.A.

    I was hoping I could speak with you over email to discuss your research and maybe you could give me some helpful advice and offer some resources for my study. I have already found many books and articles but I could never have enough.

    Look forward to hearing back from you.

    Thank you,


    1. Nicole. Thank you for the information. I will be glad to tell you what I know. We will keep in touch via email.

  4. Hi

    I am really interested to stay in Tibet and/or find a job there, I am a Singaporean with a Degree in Social Work and have been in the education industry for few years, handling both academic and management.

    I was also a stringer for a Malaysian local press while I was teaching in Borneo.

    Is there such opportunity in Tibet? It is my dream to be able to live there, please assist, thanks!

    1. Thanks for your comment. The best way you can try to find a job in Tibet is to look up on the internet for NGOs working there. There is a German lady who runs an orphanage in Lhasa, for example. You could also check with your Government to see if it has any developmental projects in Tibet that you could join. All the best.

  5. Hello, I am doing a college paper on the Health challenges and conditions of Tibetan refugees in the United States and was wondering if you had information about such a topic.
    Thank you for you concerted efforts.

    1. There are some Tibetan doctors (both western medicine and Tibetan medicine) in the New York areas who may be able to assist you on this. I suggest that you go to the website of the Office of Tibet in New York http://www.tibetoffice.org to get their contact details. You could contact the New York office through their website if you need help.

      If you let me know where you live, may be I could direct you to some people in the area, too.

      I hope this helps.

  6. Dear Bhuchung Tsering,
    thank you for creating this blog, and sharing with us stories of a land that I so feel like belongs as my home.

    I’m a Canadian-Chinese who immigrated to Canada at age 12. I had always the biggest fascination with Tibet; the extoic folds of people, culture, and the religion that helps to define every beautiful living creature in Tibet.

    A surprise opportunity was granted to me this July, while travelling in China, to venture out to Tibet for a week.

    It changed my life like I thought Tibet would – I offered and captured more smiles my camera could hold. And I started reading on the Dalai Lama (who will be coming to Toronto this October) and the histories of Tibet.

    I’ve never been so eager to learn more. And I want to learn more, because I want to go back, soon, and do great things.

    Please keep in touch.
    I look forward to more conversations with you.
    And BTW, if you know anyone in Toronto that would share any interest in a casual chat – let me know?

    All the very best, take care.


    1. Dear Jia,

      Your comments are appreciated. I hope you can be a bridge to bring better understanding between the Tibetan and the Chinese people. Some Tibetans and Chinese in Toronto have in fact started a group called “Tibetan and Chinese Canadian Community Dialogue” with such an objective and you could participate in their activities. More details can be had from http://tcccd.blogspot.com/.

  7. Tashi Telek!

    I am writing to bring to your attention the creation of a new blog: “Le Tibet Invisible”. This new blog seeks to popularize within the Francophone community the writings of Tsering Woeser, by the translation of her texts, reflections and articles.


    The many restrictions that the Chinese government imposes on members of the Tibetan intelligentsia are known. We hope that this blog in its own modest way can carry the message of Woeser beyond China’s borders.

    We would be extremely grateful if you could share this news within your network. The best would be to include a link on your page or send a message to friends of Tibet.

    Thank you very much,

    F.D., 2011.

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