Writer’s “Blog” or writer’s block?

Writer’s “Blog” or writer’s block?

Bhuchung K. Tsering


I have not posted anything on this site for quite a few months. In fact , I have not done any such writings for some time, except for the work-related output that seems to come out mechanically.


Some people have noticed the absence; I, too, have been noticing it.


I do not consider myself a writer in the conventional sense of the term; I don’t even have a published compilation of my articles, leave alone a stand-alone book in my name. What I do is commentary and occasional light-hearted look at life. There have been many significant developments on which I could and should have written about. When the media, mainly the Tibetan language ones, ask me for my views on the visit of the Chinese President to the US of A, for example, I remind myself then that I ought to put some of my thoughts on “paper.” Also, occasionally, people test me as if goading me to write on this or that. This may be in the form of a phone call from someone from whom I only hear occasionally, giving me inside story of this or that candidate in the Tibetan elections. Or it could be in the form of “tagging” me on Twitter to a particular issue.


But something seems to pull me back from putting those thoughts in black and white.


By the way, I am in two minds about this tagging thing on the social media. The plus side is that it draws my attention to some issue that I might have overlooked. It is also gratifying to know that people think I care about those issues. The minus side is that it puts you in a bind. One’s response or non-response becomes a message. People are “sensitive” on the social media. I have noticed that some people take the safe route of “favoriting” the posting; they thus are seen to have reacted without reacting.


May be there is the need for a psychoanalysis; may be it is a reflection of how things seem to be developing; may be I am not even able to find out a reason for this.


In any case, there are developments out there; these include both the Tibetan and the American elections in 2016. Both the elections will have a decisive say in how the future shapes for the United States as well as for the Tibetan people.


Above all, I need to respond to this comment on my blog about the “Indianization of Momos” : “Momo is native to Nepal. I see some posts in #instagram saying momo is native to India. That is not true. It could be spread out because many Nepalese travel to India for work and many Indians have restaurants in Nepal. Momo is one of the most common food Nepal and among Nepalese. Every Nepalese knows what is momo and how its taste is.


May be I will start blogging again!


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