Have People Become More Talkative, or what!

Have People Become More Talkative, or what!

Bhuchung K. Tsering

I wonder if anyone has done any research on changes in the talking habit of human beings with the beginning of the 21st century.   If not, through this blog, I would urge some universities to do so for it might have serious implications on the changes in the energy consumption of the human body.


Let me tell you why!


Remember the days when we did not have cell phones?  There were landlines in offices and homes.  Public places, whether it is hotels, train or bus stations, airports, and even streets, had conspicuous presence of telephone booths. One would of course see people making calls from such booths.  But there was certainly no rush for occupancy of such booths, except in the occasional movie scenes.



Then came the invasion of the mobile phones, in the mid-1990s I would say.  Initially not many people could afford them. I still remember being fascinated by such an equipment, which I had the opportunity to use in the course of my work. Of course, it was bulky and its charging base was equally bulky one. But I could feel the freedom of movement then.


With the passage of time, technological development and the cost of the mobile phones became inversely proportional.  Phones became sleeker, compact and “smart” while their prices came down as to make it possible for the average Joe to get one not only for himself, but also for his children.


Somewhere then, something happened to the human brain and people seem to have become more talkative.  At this that is my conclusion.


Today, whether one is walking  or taking public transportation, it is very common to see people being constantly busy on the mobile phones. The population might have increased slightly from the pre-mobile phone days, but that should not have resulted in any noticeable increase in the number of people talking.


The easy availability of a means of communication has made people talkative.


And, what is with those blue tooth options now.  If someone from the 1970s were to time travel and see such people they would think many of them needed to go to mental institutions considering how they “seem to be talking to themselves” while making different hand gestures.


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