Impressions on a Train journey

The following are jottings that I did while on a recent train journey.

The voice over the public address system said, “Wilmington, Delaware.” Someone could be heard laughing in a seat a few rows behind me.

The train stopped. Through the window I could see quite many passengers.

A female railway officer seem to be attempting to catch hold of the baggage of alady, a lady passenger, the reason for which I could not ascertain. They were both of the same racial background. She got something that seemed to be a ticket pouch from her, which she gave to a male train attendant. He peeked through it and went away carrying it. I wondered what could be the content of the document in the pouch. The lady officer meanwhile started an engrossing conversation (which could be seen through the hand gestures although there was no way to hear what they were saying.) with another lady passenger of a different racial background.

The train began moving. Sunlight streamed through a patch of cloud after we passed by a building or so. Across the sky, six or seven birds were fluttering by.

I looked out the window and saw long lines of cars on the road parallel to the train track.

The sun was behind the patch of cloud now as the train rattled by. We passed by barrack like low buildings, may be some sort of factory.


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