Who is the Perfect Girl for You?

I had watched the interesting Bhutanese movie Perfect Girl some years back but took the time to watch it again last night. It is different from the run of the mill Bhutanese films (I have watched quite a few although I should shamefully admit that these are all bootlegged copies as I could not find any legal DVDs of these films available here in the United States).

In one sense it is the simple story of boy-meets-girl (of a different class), boy-loves-girl, boy’s-mother-does-not-approve, challenges are overcome and all is well in the world when the movie ends.  It is also similar to some of the other Bhutanese films in that the boy has an urban background, the girl comes from a simple village and the challenges on account of this.

However, the subject matter deals with a combination of old and new habits, one of which, prostitution (the other being drugs) is something that is normally not confronted directly as it was done in the film.  There is a brief episode where there is a visible attempt to convey the message to the audience.


Tshering Gyeltshen, the journalist hero, and Sonam Choki as the prostitute to be reformed give quite wholesome performances. It seems this film was the one where Sonam Choki made her debut and that makes her effort more commendable. In terms of appearance she and a Miss Tibet, Tsering Kyi (who now is working here in Washington, D.C.), have some resemblance. That is just my perception.


The fundamental message is wrapped by the story of a boy looking for his perfect girl (hence I guess the English title of the film although in Bhutanese the film is called Muti Thrishing, tree of pearl).

The movie ends with the man saying that he has found his perfect girl. However, in real life I don’t think anyone has found the definitive answer to the eternal question about who is one’s perfect life partner.  Perfection is subjective in many ways.



5 thoughts on “Who is the Perfect Girl for You?

  1. Dear Bhuchung la,
    As a regular reader of your blog, I’m glad you’re taking the time recently to look at lighter topics such as writing, tweets, and films. It gives us a glimpse into how you view such things, which in turn enriches our appreciation of the weightier pieces that you post.

    I enjoyed this brief review of The Perfect Girl although I haven’t seen the film. (nudge nudge…perhaps you might consider sharing some of your bootleg film stash). Although the film sounds rather predictable and pedantic, there must be something to be said for it if it made you wax so philosophically in your last sentence. That’s why I took a long hard look at the photo.

    I don’t mean to take over your blog but here’s my Sherlock Holmesian take on the film, based solely on the DVD cover. First of all, the man is a spoilt boy in the mold of an only son in India. A mother’s little ‘baba’. Judging from the way he is laying low in the girl’s lap in what must be some sort of a curled up or fetal position, she must have had to back up his spine every step of the way in his dealings with his mother. There is strength and grace in the girl’s upright posture. She is looking away and not down at him, in what seems like an expression that says ‘I can’t believe this is happening to me…..where is my perfect man….and will I be typecast as a hooker in future Bhutanese films?’. And if these clues aren’t elementary enough, take a look at the faded background photo. Here once again, the man child has his face half buried in her hair in a coy sulky manner, and from his pained and passive expression, it is clear that that he has no conviction or clue as to where things should go with this relationship if left to his own devices. And now look at her. She eyes are fearless, and full of intelligence. She seems to know what she is up against in life and with the boy’s mother, and yet she seems so confident in her ability to make things turn out right. The ‘hero’ is right in saying that she is the ‘perfect girl’, but I’m not sure if he deserves her.

    1. Gyatso la, your creative talent certainly shows even in this brief writeup. I have to question your judgement about the leading lady. Rather than being typecast as a hooker, she has gone on to make some other successful movies, as per reviews.

      1. Regarding the leading lady’s thoughts about being typecast as an actress, I simply meant that her mind was going everywhere but to the ‘hero’ who is one curled up in her lap. I’m so glad the the actress is doing well in Thimpushing.

  2. Do you know Mr. Gyeltshen (Writer/Director) used the money of a prominent businesswoman (mother of 3 kids) to finance his movie. After everything was done, he just left her and didn’t return her money. He used her, her car, her van and everything and left her heart-broken. I believe she still hasn’t gotten her money back and is under pressure from her parents too.

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