2011 Tibetan Elections: Elections of Slogans?

As the Tibetan elections day of March 20 nears, one aspect of the campaign that I was fascinated by was the use of slogans as catchphrases to amplify and symbolize the individual candidates. Although I have not been able to do full research, from a cursory glance it looks like all three Kalon Tripa candidates, all the parliamentary candidates from North America and some candidates from Europe seem to have sought recourse to this.

I am giving below the slogans and the candidates who use them (in alphabetical order) that I have been able to compile. If I have missed anyone else, let me know.

North American Chitue candidates

Honor Tradition, Advance Together
Dicki Chhoyang

Intrepid in thinking, Fearless in Expressing, Bold in Implementing
Tashi Namgyal

Integrity, transparency, dedication

Tashi Phuntsok


Impartiality, Integrity, Passion

Kunga Thinley

Passion, Perseverance, Performance

Norbu Tsering

European Chitue candidate

Direkt, engagiert, konkret

(loose translation in English: Direct, Involved, Concrete)

Wangpo Tethong

Kalon Tripa candidates

Unity, Innovation and Self-Reliance

Lobsang Sangay


Experience, Integrity, Vision

Tenzin Namgyal Tethong

Tried, Tested and Trusted

Tashi Wangdi


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