Tibet Ad. At the Super Bowl, Was it Good or Bad?

Every Super Bowl time there is as much attention to the commercials that may be released during the broadcast as there is on the actual match.  American football fans being what they are they want the commercials to also bring in the same  excitement as the match.  This year there certainly was a touchdown in the commercial match concerning Groupon’s Tibet themed Ad.

I have written about it on the blog of the International Campaign for Tibet.  While the commercial may not suit the taste of all people and may not have culturally got the issue right, the positive certainly outweighed the negative.  It is interesting to see the range of comments that my blog, Of  Super Bowl, Tibetan Culture, and a Fish Curry, received.  The two people who have identified themselves as Tibetans seem to have appreciated the commercial while there are others (almost all of them non-Tibetans) who have been critical.  Similarly, when I was at the Voice of America Tibetan service the other day, almost all Tibetan broadcasters that I talked to there were positive about the value of this commercial. This let me to ponder on the reasons behind this.

Could it be that we Tibetans have lowered our expectations from the international community and now subscribe to the view that “any publicity is good publicity” or could it be that non-Tibetans do not get it, namely finding a space for a strong Tibet message and its implications on Tibet, China and the international community.  Have a look at the commercial, the comments and judge for yourself.


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