The Dalai Lama’s Video Conference with Chinese Lawyers

Today’s edition of the online news website in Chinese, Boxun,(you can do a machine translation to get a rough idea) carried a very interesting story about a video conference between His Holiness the Dalai Lama and three Chinese in China. This may be the first of its kind that has taken place.

This video conference took place today, January 4, 2011 and was moderated by Chinese writer Wang Lixiong from Beijing. The other two Chinese participants were Law Professor and civil rights activist Teng Biao and prominent Human Rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong, who were in Shenzhen.

Writer Wang Lixiong before his laptop during the video conference. Photo: Boxun

According to the news report, during the video conference, the two lawyers asked questions to the Dalai Lama about Wikileaks and about interaction with Chinese scholars. Wang Lixiong also asked him questions posed by Chinese that were compiled on his website.

The report says His Holiness’ response will be tweeted by the three Chinese as well as on the Chinese language twitter handle @DalailamaCN.

Can’t wait to see the outcome of this interaction.


UPDATE: @DalaiLamaCN says today that the video conference took place on January 4, 2011 afternoon and lasted for an hour and 15 minutes.


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