More on the Tibetan Elections!

We Tibetans have a saying, Ghelpo Cheyla Nenten, which is to say that if the issue is important it merits reiteration.  Some days back, I posted my views on the current attitude of the Tibetan populace relating to the elections this year, “If You Desire Change in Tibetan Politics, Look to the Parliament, not the Kalon Tripa.”

This has received some interesting comments, which helps continue the discussion.  As I feel these comments need highlighting I have compiled them here along with my response given to them.

As mentioned in one of my responses, at my level this is part of my effort to sensitize our community in my own way. For the non-Tibetan speaking readers, Uma Lam is Middle Way;  Katripa is the shortened form for Kalon Tripa, the Chairman of the Tibetan Cabinet; Chitue is Tibetan Parliamentarians, etc.

Do you have a point of view?


From Norbu

2010/08/09 at 8:31 pm

Agreed with the overemphasis.

But there isn’t much of a task ahead though. We are just replacing a horse to run on the same direction-Uma lam.The current debate and discussion with katripa is a good start and should be considered for chitue.

Bhuchung Tsering in reply to Norbu.

I agree that the discussion is a good start. I, however, wish that the discussions are based on the reality on the ground and proceed from there. We should not end up building castles in the air.

From Tenzin Nyinjey

2010/08/11 at 2:25 pm

You haven’t analyzed why there’s no interest in Chitue elections. You should my friend! You haven’t analyzed why there’s no interest in Chitue elections. You should my friend!

Bhuchung Tsering in reply to Tenzin Nyinjey.

2010/08/11 at 2:54 pm

Nyinjey la. Thanks for the comment. I would think there would need a thorough survey on the reasons behind this lack of interest in the Chitue elections. My immediate reaction would be that the reason lies with our superficial understanding of the system and the nature of the beast, if you get what I mean.

From Tenzin Nyinjey

2010/08/12 at 3:44 pm

I agree the reasons are far more complex than what we think. But we need to bring them out, beginning from the superficial ones. After all to dig out the diamond beneath, one should start digging from the surface! Hope you got my point! Thanks!

Bhuchung Tsering in reply to Tenzin Nyinjey.

2010/08/12 at 5:57 pm

You are right. I think we Tibetans need to learn to not pass judgment based on the superficial dirt without realizing that there could be a diamond beneath that very upper level.

Anyway, you and I can, at our level, work to sensitize our community in our own ways. That is what I, at least, am attempting to do.


From Tenzin Rangdol

2010/08/13 at 10:52 am

Bhuchung la,

Without any slight hesitation I am 100% with your rational thought. It is high time for everyone not to forget how MPs matter in the present Tibetan democratic system in exile. As I go on researching the present Tibetans MPs, I kind of feel how badly Tibetan masses have casted their votes and formed a team of rotten MPs. Recently, I watched the videos of recent parliament session called off and I am very much upset by their indecent way of communication when they are supposedly representing the masses. How can we gain the trust back on these MPs when they were primarily lacking the dignified way of speaking as a MP and calling off the session without compromising on the differences. Attending the parliament sessions, attending the official functions as a guest of honor and publishing annual reports are not the mere responsibilities of MPs. Rather, I think they have more serious and wider responsibilities. They can play vital part in establishing an authentic Tibetan government in exile as true representation of six millions not only in the eyes of sympathetic supporters but also for the regime that is trying every possible way to illegitimate our Tibetan government in exile. In this crucial period of our Tibetan history, if the Tibetan masses blindly elect the rotten MPs then hopes for strengthening the Tibetan struggle will be further diluted for another 5yrs. So, while we are having ‘hungama’ on bringing fledgling and dynamic Kalon tripa, so too our Tibetan brothers and sisters have to gear up in bringing up team of passionate, farsighted and liberal MPs in the Tibetan parliament.

Bhuchung Tsering in reply to Tenzin Rangdol.

2010/08/13 at 11:26 am

Tenzin Rangdol la,

Your comments are appreciated. You reflect the general feeling among the populace about the way our parliamentarians have been working. While the quality of the individuals have much to do with the situation, the system as it is has also contributed to the problem. In the process of our parliamentary development, the form has been given as much prominence as the substance. Under such a situation when the individual lacks the ability to prioritize, the form dominates the substance, which is what is happening in our system.


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