The First Snowfall of the Season

As forecasted by the weathermen and women, this morning I woke up to the scene of the first snowfall of the season in our area.  As I write this, it is still snowing, in a slow and gentle way.  Seeing the snow covered trees in the neighborhood reminded me of the Christmas cards that we used to receive as gifts from a lady from Mysore who would come to our locality.  Children of our age would run after the vehicle in which she rode as soon as we saw it and would keep shouting, “Amala, Crismis”, being a corrupted form for “Christmas” in itself a shortened term for the cards, which she would throw to us.  Quite many of the images on those cards would be of snow covered regions, just as I see the landscape today,  and it was our only exposure to snow at that time.

Here is a photo of the first snowfall in our area.


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