Tsering Choden & What is Democracy

Tsering Choden
Tsering Choden

A Nepal based film maker Tsering Choden’s three minute documentary is one of the winners of the Democracy Video Challenge, a worldwide online competition, organized by the State Department.  Young video makers around the world were asked to complete the phrase, “Democracy is…” through three-minute videos to be posted on the competition’s YouTube site.

According to the organizers, more than 900 people from 95 countries entered the challenge. An independent jury  selected the 18 finalists, and the online voting public chose the six winners, one from each region of the world.

Tsering Choden’s documentary is a mixture of different images from Nepal with a voice over of people giving different perspectives on democracy.

The winners are getting all expense paid trips to the United States in September this year.


5 thoughts on “Tsering Choden & What is Democracy

  1. Congratulation to Tsering Choden la. The video is absolutely fantastic. I request her to make one for “Kalon Tripa 2011 is…”

  2. Dear Tshering Choden Ji,

    Congratulations on your selection as a winner and wish you more success in your future endevours.

    You have certainly done a job to hightened Nepalese pride in the world.


  3. She is a very talented and popular media professional in Nepal.
    She used to work as RJ and writer before experimenting with films.
    Bes of luck, chodon.

  4. It’s a moment of pride for us (whole Nepal). Congratulations for winning the award.

    Wish you all the best for further success.

    Chesang Lama (Yolmo)

  5. dear tser♣ng chodon lak,in photo u looking veri beautiful.i m from dasa n u?if u dnt mind i want to make u my frd,i hvnt any frdship this time.my name is tenzin chompel.plz reply my message.have a great day.

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