Tibetan Buddhism and Newsletters

Those individuals in the West who have had some interest in Tibetan Buddhism since the Eighties, at least, of the last century would know of Vajradhatu Sun, the newspaper published by the Dharma Center of the late Trungpa Rinpoche. I used to be in Dharamsala then and would enjoy reading the newsletter for it provided me a glimpse of the evolution of Tibetan Buddhism in the United States.  I loved reading about the different activities of the lamas and their disciples.  I believe this newspaper has now folded into a magazine that covers areas beyond Tibetan Buddhism now.

However, I now enjoy reading the newsletter published by the Snow Lion Publications from Ithaca. Although it is a catalog of the books published by them, this paper carries different news and articles about Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhist masters and the like. Best of all, they send it to you free if you order books from them.  The latest issue carries articles by some Tibetan lamas whose names are new to me, but the issues they touch are quite interesting.


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