What does one mean by a successful Tibetan?

How does one define success? This is something that I grapple on a daily basis. On a broader level, this 50th year of the Tibetan life in exile leads one to review the nature of the success of the community as a whole. A book compiling the feelings of individual Tibetans is already being planned by a well known Indian personality.

Just the other day, I read this interesting article in the Outlook magazine. Those who read it know that it is lively. The latest issue (online version) carries the article titled “TIBET: SUCCESS STORIES Free Tibet Inc Fifty years after a trans-Himalayan exodus, Tibetans scale professional heights with elan …”
It profiles four succcessful Tibetans, one of the 1959 generation and three others of the post-1959 generation. Kunsang Tanzin is a businessman based in New Delhi. During his college days he created history of sort by standing as a candidate for the much sought after position on the board of the Delhi University Students Union. I have been following his development from a distant and am glad that he has continued to balance his work with community involvement.

The three others are Tenzin Choesang (a lawyer), Tenzin Choklay (a chef) and Sonam Tseten (a media professional).  They (and others not profiled but who are there all over the Indian subcontinent as well as the West) represent the new generation of Tibetans. They are the resurgent Tibetans. They are the future.

The magazine also carries a commentary by B.N. Raman, a former Indian intelligence officer, who talks about the latest development in Tibet.


One thought on “What does one mean by a successful Tibetan?

  1. Thank you for the article What does one mean by successful Tibetan. With Tibetans spreadout and isolated to a certain degree, it is interesting and inspiring to read about individual Tibetans on their journey, you never hear about.


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